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Add Carpet Cleaning to Your Spring Cleaning Regimen

If the longer days and warmer temperatures have you in the cleaning and organizing mood, you may have made a to-do list for all of the jobs you want to tackle at your home or business. Did you include carpet cleaning on that list? Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can take care of surface crumbs and stains, but how long has it been since you've gotten all the way to the root of the fibers? 

Discount Water Extraction is pleased to offer carpet cleaning services throughout the greater Austin area. We'll use specialized rug cleaning tools and techniques to clean your carpets down to their deepest level. When we're finished, your carpet won't just look exponentially better—it will also contribute to an overall healthier living or working environment. From ground-in allergens like pollen and pet dander to hard-to-get-out stains and odors, our carpet cleaning pros have every angle covered. 

Contact us at (512) 634-8206 to book your appointment! Discount Water Extraction is licensed and insured, with more than 25 years of experience in our industry. Our carpet cleaning services are truly top notch.